E-Mail: olivia@jadeeastpr.com

Olivia Cheung of JadeEast PR specialises in working with new and emerging talent in the acting, lifestyle, creative, television and radio spheres. Her strategically targeted campaigns have a wide reach across national and international titles, as well as on-line media and major broadcast platforms.

She began her career working in the press office for Television Production giant, FremantleMedia UK and as a member of the press team for The X Factor before turning her talents to personal publicity. Oliviaโ€™s hands on, one-to-one approach allows her to develop hard working campaigns that embody and enhance the unique talents of individual clients. She has quickly built up an industry reputation for professionalism and delivering results.

Oliviaโ€™s strong working relationships with journalists, broadcasters, photographers and event organisers, as well as lifestyle and fashion brands, brings prestige and value to every client campaign.